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Erich Langer and his grandson Maximilian Aichhorn introduce the ancient minting of silver coins:
Federal Chancellor Dr. Heinz Fischer, County Manager Dr. Josef Pühringer, Mayor Franz-Stefan Karlinger, District Manager Manfred Hageneder
Historical background:
Trade fairs were already held in Enns in the 12th century. Silver pennies (the “Enns Pfenning”) were embossed in the Ennser mint. The trade of salt, iron, wine, and canvas flourished. Toll for crossing the river Danube, as well as the city toll, brought Enns great returns. The jubilee coin (1/10 ounces of fine silver) shows on one side the portrait of the roman governor Caracalla 212 AD and the other side the Babenberger horseman from the charter granting town privileges to Enns 1212.